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Beehive Ring

Sliding easily onto your finger, this silver ring is a gorgeous example of loud but minimalistic style that is no better exemplified by a geometric floral grid and touch of dazzle. Material: Sterling 925 Silver Gem: Zircon or citrine Front size: D26,6mm Ring size: Adjustable  

Branchée Ring

Branchée ring creates the final aspect with its same details coming together in a modern, slim and smooth form. With lots of eye for exquisite beauty, it is going to be just right for anyone that wants to go about the exploration of modern style in original form.

Eclipse Ring

With wide and round circles, these earrings put a lot of energy into the edging and patterning of the petal to make it really represent the real thing in a louder form. The negative space center keeps it unique.

Fantasy Ring

Fantasy ring ring sits easily on the finger and will be the subtle but dignified touch that you’re looking for when it comes to bringing shimmer and shine to your silver touches. Material: Sterling 925 Silver Gem: Moonstone, zircon Front size: 22,7x37.5mm Ring size: Adjustable

Géode Ring

Put texture and glitter in tandem with this fashion ring dotting your hand. Just big enough to capture the fashion element without being gaudy, this elegant ring is going to dazzle in its subdued way and get you plenty of well-deserved compliments. Material: Sterling 925 Silver Gem: Silicium, dark blue Front size: LxH 27.4x28mm Ring size: Adjustable

Kernel Ring

Kernel ring is going to give you a distinctive fashion aspect as it sits on your hand and is a beautiful accessory for those that enjoy something with presence and pattern, but a monochromatic colour. Material: Sterling 925 Silver Gem: Labradorite Front size: LxH 27x34mm Ring size: Adjustable

La Truffe Noire Ring

La Truffe Noire ring in this set is going to keep things edgy and organic without making you deal with anything too wide or clunky.  Just set enough to be an ideal fashion ring, it’ll sparkle and draw just the right kind of attention to your hands. Material: Sterling 925 Silver Gem: Silicium Front Size: LxH 25.5x19.4mm Ring Style: Adjustable

Labyrinth Ring

The Labyrinth ring will highlight both the shape of the finger and will also give you a professional vibe with the toned-down color palette it relies on. Perfect for days at work or out with the girls, it’ll be classy and chic. Material: Sterling 925 Silver & Silicium Front size: LxH 17.5x29.6mm Ring size: Adjustable

Poppy Ring

Poppy ring slides smoothly on the finger and is easy to adjust to size as you need to.  With its organic shape and red center, this is excellent as a fashion ring that will take you from the office to the streets with no accessory change needed! Material: Silver 925 sterling Gem: Of your choice (upon request) Front size: LxH ca 39.6×35.2mm Ring size: Adjustable

Red Cherry Ring

On a smooth inside staring silver band, the ring of the set also matches and really brings the eye to the subtle etching that is waiting on the inside of the flower. Carefully imitating the flower inspiration, this is chic and professional in all of the ways that you care about. Material: Sterling 925 Silver Gem: Gem of your choice (upon request) Front size: LxH 27.2x27.7mm Ring Style: Adjustable