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Unique Creations

At Phénix Art — a venture based in Belgium — we believe in passion and excellence. Both of these qualities can be found in our jewelry masters and talented designers. Focused on the creation of nature-inspired and bespoke pieces that can be enjoyed on their own or as pieces in matching sets, every element is about creating impressive and memorable designs. 

We offer unique creations from highly skilled jewellers, designers, painters, artisans who aim to uphold the same level or originality and professionalism that we do. We aim to support and encourage these impeccably skilled craftsmen.  All of our pieces will be naturally inspirational for people around you and will add more to your well-being.



Natural Vibrations​

Nothing is more precious and spiritual than handcrafted jewelry because of the natural vibrations and inspirations that flow from the universe into, and through, each piece that you choose. The more effort that a piece receives, the more it means to the wearer as well as the universe as a whole.

Phénix Art takes it further by making sure everything is factored-in.  The inspiration behind a piece, the story behind it, the inspiration it infuses in the wearer, and more.  We strongly believe in creating and selling in designs that are bespoke, sublime, delicate and, most of all, inspirational. Above all else, it is the art that we cherish, and it is the art that we take pride in from piece to piece and from collection to collection. This is what sets Phénix Art apart from the typical stores.



Talented Artists & Craftsmen

Apart from jewelry, we believe that accessories like inspirational handpainted silk scarves add even more examples of self-expression to the wearer. So, when you plan to purchase your new favorite accessories, don’t forget to pair it with their matching scarves, specially handmade by talented artists and designers who want to give you the best of the best.

Lastly, since it is art that we believe in, and professional, talented craftsmen that we give online visibility to, we also focus on bringing in all other forms of art. At Phénix Art, we believe in give and take. If you are buying from Phénix Art, you will not only be supporting the young craftsmen who love to create stellar pieces for you, but also other up and coming artists as well. We are supporting aspiring young  talents associated with creative expression including visual, literary and performing arts, reviving it in its true form in our everyday lives.

Why Phénix ?

Most of us see the Phoenix (Phénix in French) as a symbol of strength and resilience rising from the ashes. This past year has been one of great struggle and loss, prompting us to come together and rise, like the Phoenix, stronger as one unit. 

The Phoenix Project works hard to bring together recently decimated culture from the COVID-19 pandemic.  Without question, our collective culture is one of the most hard-hit areas and it is that very binding force that we aim to fuse back together stronger than before. 

As you likely already know, important cultural pillars such as artisans and artists are responsible for building our culture and helping bind it together like the stitches of our community’s fabric.  Leading artisans of all kinds and through all mediums have been thrust into a world of uncertainty with a threatened future the likes of which none of us have seen before. Yet, they continue to inspire and motivate those around them through any means that they can. This energy is what the Phoenix Project is all about and it’s one that we’d like to share with you.